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The Institute is excited to announce our next premier online program:


Evaluation and Corrections for Vagus Nerve Involvement


How Would You Like to Have the Key to Unlock Your Patient’s Health? 

The vagus nerve plays an integral part in maintaining balance in the autonomic nervous system.  

Have you noticed an increase in these symptoms with your patients?

  • Digestive issues
  • Sympathetic dominant patterns: anxiety, stress, fight or flight responses, insomnia or loss of focus.
  • Difficulty swallowing 
  • Infants with colic or other digestive disturbances, nursing issues, sleep problems, irritability, or inability to calm themselves.

In this ONLINE program, you will learn the anatomy and physiology of the vagus nerve, where the most common areas of impingement or traction occur and how to evaluate and correct interference to the function of the vagus nerve.  

The demonstrations, workshopping and lecture format will give you the ability to implement these protocols Monday morning in your office. You will be able to help more people and become the go-to expert in your community.

Vagus nerve dysfunction is endemic in our society.  Sympathetic dominant disease patterns are everywhere.  This course will allow you to work with these patients and address the key cause of their problems, instead of chasing the symptoms.

Your referrals will increase from patients and other health care providers as you begin to implement these protocols into you regular office procedures.


Add this new skillset to your practice and watch your confidence and practice grow.

Be the go-to chiropractor in your area, help those patients who others cannot, add a new revenue stream to your practice and maintain a lifetime patient care paradigm, sign up today.

You will receive 10 modules over a 10-week period. 

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"This is an amazing program. I love the fact that it is virtual so I can go back and re-watch and take better notes than I would otherwise be able. Dr Rosen is such a gift to our profession and I am a better doctor for taking his program!"

Kathy Cantwell, D.C.

"Drs Martin and Nancy Rosen are amongst the most dedicated Chiropractors alive today. Their drive to share their experience and knowledge is exceptional. They don't hold back with regard to what they teach and go out of their way to support their students and fellow Chiropractors. They cover a very wide range of topics within the parameters of the course content and teach with real thought for their learners. I can't imagine anyone regretting doing this course - that includes those who have recently graduated and those who are as long in the tooth as I am - I have been a Chiropractor over 25 years! I hope that you enjoy the courses as much as I have"

Dr. Claire Gordon

"Drs. Rosen have created a complete curriculum that you can use in your office on Monday. Their knowledge, years of experience and case stories are tremendous. I left this seminar with the rest of the bricks and mortar that I had been looking for in my practice. I thank you Drs. Rosen for sharing your knowledge"

Kelli Patenaude

Drs. Rosen and Watson met in 1978 in Chiropractic school and spent the rest of their lives dedicated to each other, their family and their profession.

As early as first quarter in chiropractic school they were attracted to each other’s commitment to chiropractic and the pursuit of excellence.  Their combined 80 years of personal and clinical and teaching experience, in delivering the chiropractic adjustment is unparalleled in the chiropractic profession.  Their international outreach through teaching, writing and lecturing has been a driving force in their personal and professional careers since their first seminar taught together as students, in 1979.
Their years of experience have taught them what works and what does not work to create a successful practice and lifestyle. The more competent and comprehensive your expertise you will find that more patients will seek your services and your practice will grow exponentially.

Peak Potential Institute is Introducing ...


Evaluation and Corrections for Vagus Nerve Involvement


For chiropractors who want to elevate their skills and add a new dimension to their practice

"The Drs. Rosen offer something extremely valuable and unique in terms of connecting all the dots of the promise of chiropractic. Not only is the information up to date, but they are also in active practice so have decades of clinical experience to draw upon. Highly recommended if you want to offer the best for your patients."

How would you like to be the go-to chiropractor for those challenging cases that others cannot help?

Rise to Expert Status

Get Consistent Referrals from other Health Care Professionals

Attain a Unique Skill Set to Create a Constant New Patient Flow

Grow Your Lifetime Care Practice Effortlessly

10 Classes over 10 Weeks 

(Value $1200)

Bonus! Class Workbooks 

(Value $150)

Bonus! Private Community 

(Value $330)

Bonus! Live Q&As with Both Doctors 

(Value $700)









Take a look at what we'll cover ...

Week 1

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Vagus

Week 2 

  • Jugular Foramen

Week 3

  • Evaluation and Correction of Vagus Nerve Involvement

Week 4 

  • CMRT Demonstration (stomach, gallbladder, ileocecal value)

Week 5 

  • Atlas Dural Meningeal Restriction
  • Occipital Compression
  • Slideslip Correction

Week 6 

  • Atlas Correction

Week 7 

  • Temporal and Occipital Corrections

Week 8 

  • Demonstration on Older Child

Week 9 

  • Demonstration of Vagus Nerve Evaluation 

Week 10 

  • Review

"Great amount of information easily applicable the first day back from the seminar. The teacher is
awesome! You will enjoy and appreciate his expertise"



"Dr. Rosen offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in an easy to learn format.  I would highly
recommend taking his seminars if you are looking to expand your knowledge."

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