Pediatric Spinal Adjusting

This course will help you increase your certainty in the art of pediatric spinal adjusting as well as give you the knowledge and confidence to educate your patients on the value of pediatric chiropractic care.

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The course includes both educational and clinically applicable content including:

• Identifying the primary development stage of brain growth

• Determine which areas of the brain have the highest rate of development in the first 2 years

• Understand the importance of removing or limiting interference to the developing nervous through chiropractic care

• Differentiate between Genetic Determinism and Epigenetics and their role in pediatric development

• Understand the role environment plays on the developing brain

• Understand the global effect of the subluxation on childhood development


The clinical aspects of the course will cover:

 Comprehensive examination protocols to determine the primary subluxation

 Determine if there is a primary ascending or descending subluxation pattern

 How to evaluate an infant’s spine to determine whether there is a primary structural or meningeal subluxation pattern present

• Adjusting Protocols and Sequencing

 Learn a variety of adjusting protocols to deal with both the structural and meningeal subluxation patterns for the sacrum and pelvis

 Develop a sequence of adjusting protocols that have the greatest impact with the least input

 Determine when, where and how to make the first adjustment as well as which type of adjusting procedure is the most effective for the specific subluxation findings

 Learn specific adjusting protocols for the entire spine for both meningeal and structural subluxations

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