Pediatric Spinal Examination

Do you have a complete chiropractic, neurological indicator-based pediatric examination?  One that will help you determine when, where, and how to adjust your pediatric patient in the most effective, efficient, and safe manner?

In this 3-month ONLINE course you will get a neurologically based indicator system to build your examination.

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This course covers the complete examination protocols from infancy to preteen.  You will no longer have to guess where and what to adjust first or when to make a specific adjustment because the indicators in your examination will guide your specific adjusting protocols.

In this course, we will explain and demonstrate the chiropractic and neurological examination protocols for the preambulatory infant. It includes specific neurological testing protocols, indicator-based subluxation evaluation, palpation, reflex testing, and chiropractic evaluation procedures to specifically assess the functional and neurological parameters of the infant's spine. This evaluation will help the chiropractor to create a functional baseline and determine the major or primary subluxation pattern.

Classes Include:

  • Case History Intake
  • Motor and Sensory Function
  • Structural and Meningeal Evaluation Protocols
  • Cranial Nerve Function
  • Primal Reflexes
  • Combined Neurological Reflexes
  • Determining Ascending or Descending Primary Patterns
  • Examination Protocols for the Pre-Ambulatory Infant and Ambulatory Child (toddler to preteen)

You will receive 12 classes over a 3-month period. Also included are PDF workbooks,
complete course transcriptions, private interactive Facebook Group, email access and 2
live Dr. Sharing sessions with Drs. Rosen and Watson per month.

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