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Offering programs to the chiropractic profession to improve their technical excellence. We are looking to those dedicated chiropractors and chiropractic students who want to focus their mastery on delivering the chiropractic adjustment. While the triad for professional growth includes art, science, and philosophy, our programs are heavily weighted in the art and science of chiropractic.

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SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program

In this 10-month, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive Pediatric Spinal and Cranial Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols course you will learn to competently, confidently, efficiently, and safely work with the pediatric population.
You will attain the expertise to handle difficult and challenging cases that others cannot, create a lifetime-centered chiropractic care paradigm, and communicate the true value of the chiropractic adjustment and its importance to the proper growth and development of the infant, toddler, and child.
You will receive 40 modules over a 10 month period. 

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Learn the importance pediatric chiropractic care plays in an infant's brain growth and neurological development

In the First Class, You Will Learn ...


  • The rationale for pediatric chiropractic care and how to uplevel your understanding and communication in your practice.


  • The most pertinent anatomical and physicological factors in pediatric neurological growth and development.


  • The effect of subluxations on the developing nervous system (and long-term effects if they go uncorrected).

Dr. Ken Cooper

I can't begin to speak highly enough about the Certification Series! I had originally taken Dr. Rosen's class through the ICPA courses and that class is just a drop in the bucket in comparison to what is taught in the Certification series. The ICPA class was an introduction to Dr. Rosen's work, but even his stand alone 16-hour Pediatrics class is at least twice as much information as the ICPA class was.

The Certification Series blows both out of the water. It is where you truly begin to work in the world that Dr. Rosen has created in the evaluation and care of Pediatric Patients!

Courtney Neill, D.C.

If you have the desire to work with pediatrics in your chiropractic practice, taking this series is an absolute must! Dr. Rosen is an excellent teacher, in both lecturing and delivering an amazing hands-on educational experience. The series content is broken up in just the right amount of information so that you can absorb, practice, and implement what you learned very easily that next day in your office. Since having taken this course, my pediatric practice has boomed with referrals due to the success stories I have achieved from utilizing the techniques taught. I can't recommend this series enough - you will not be disappointed!

Drs. Rosen and Watson met in 1978 in Chiropractic school and spent the rest of their lives dedicated to each other, their family and their profession.

As early as first quarter in chiropractic school they were attracted to each other’s commitment to chiropractic and the pursuit of excellence.  Their combined 80 years of personal and clinical and teaching experience, in delivering the chiropractic adjustment is unparalleled in the chiropractic profession.  Their international outreach through teaching, writing and lecturing has been a driving force in their personal and professional careers since their first seminar taught together as students, in 1979.
Their years of experience have taught them what works and what does not work to create a successful practice and lifestyle. The more competent and comprehensive your expertise you will find that more patients will seek your services and your practice will grow exponentially.

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Mentoring to Mastery

The techniques we teach sell themselves through their results!

The best way to grow and improve your practice while at the same time empowering your patients is to deliver what you promise ... and a little bit more.

How would you like the key to a lifetime care, family centered practice?

  • Are you stuck saying and doing the same thing on your pediatric patients with limited or marginal clinical and follow-through results?
  • Have you taken other pediatric seminars and felt like there was more to learn?
  • Were you unable to implement the procedures?
  • Did your ability to communicate the true value of pediatric chiropractic care fail to improve?
  • Does the feeling of success, both monetarily and clinically, feel just out of reach?
  • Or do you have a practice that brings you satisfaction but want to continue to grow both professionally and personally?

Imagine how your life will change once you have acquired the skills, confidence, knowledge and ability to communicate your expertise to both your patients and prospective patients with ease and consistency.

Jennifer Katzer, D.C.

Since taking these classes I have seen craniums balance, sleep and function improve greatly from all of our kids. We had parents who were considering neuro exams with doctors realize that it was no longer necessary after seeing the progress their kids were making and understanding the neurological exams I was performing.

Marty & Nancy are an amazing team and create an ideal environment for learning. Every weekend I walked away with pertinent knowledge to integrate into specific chiropractic patient care that continuously improves outcomes.

If you're on the fence about committing to the seminar...commit! Our patients have been so amazed with my take aways and keep bringing in more family members for care.

As a principled chiropractor your work, your family, your social circles and your lifestyle choices are profoundly intertwined. Being able to fulfill your life’s visions, dreams, expectations, desires, hopes, needs and wants cannot be separated from how you walk through your life.
We want you to be able to produce and provide the highest level of service for your family, patients and community as you endeavor to reach your greatest potential as a chiropractor. Once this is attained, you will reap the rewards from serving with skill, confidence and integrity.
To uplift our profession, to improve the delivery of the art of chiropractic, to improve the human condition and help you attain your goals are the reasons we have done what we do for over 40 years and why we continue to offer our programs to the profession.

Peak Potential Institute is Introducing ...

SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program

For chiropractors who want to elevate their skills

Perfect for beginner, intermediate, and advanced chiropractors.

How would you like to be at the forefront of pediatric chiropractic care?

Rise to Expert Status

Educate Patients Consistently

Attain a Unique Skill Set

Grow Your Practice Effortlessly

You will learn comprehensive pediatric spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols that will allow you to confidently, safely, and effectively work with any segment of the pediatric population.

Avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent messaging and care protocols, strengthen and simplify your adjusting and case management procedures and transform your practice to the one you have been dreaming about.

Robert R. LaRusso, D.C.

I just completed Dr. Martin Rosen's Certified SOT Pediatric Practitioner Program. As a seasoned chiropractor in New York City with forty years of experience, Dr. Rosen's Seminars ... along with the CSPP are MUST TAKE seminars for everyone who holds a Chiropractic degree!

Marty's work WILL enhance your practice as a practitioner and especially you as a person.

If you are "on the fence" about taking Dr. Rosen's seminars, then make the time and the will be extremely happy that you did!

Take a look at what we'll cover ...

Introduction to the Pediatric Master Class

  • Anatomical and Physiological Factors in Pediatric Neurological Growth and Development
  • Effect of Aberrant Neurological Patterns (Subluxations) on the Developing Nervous System
  • Long-Term Effects if Subluxations Go Uncorrected
  • Rationale for Pediatric Care for Developing and Maintaining a Pediatric Chiropractic Practice
  • Move Your Communication and Understanding to the Next Level
  • Help You Build a Pediatric Practice Based on Concrete Neurological Principles

Class 1 - The Pediatric Spinal Examination

  • Purpose of the Pediatric Examination
  • The Case History and Developmental Milestones
  • The Infant Chiropractic, Neurological, and Functional Spinal Examination - Including: Extremity Examination Procedures, Reflex Testing, Sense Development, Cranial Nerve Testing, and Ancillary Examination Procedures
  • Specific Pediatric Exam Protocols Age 2+
  • Examination Correlations and Charts

Class 2 - Cranial Evaluation Protocols

  • Overview of Cranial Evaluation Procedures - Anatomy and Physiology of the Cranium - Sutures and Fontanelles – Growth Patterns
  • Cranial Bone Ranges of Motion
  • Manual, Dural, Secondary, and Primary (CSF) Respiratory
  • Cranial Visual Subluxation Analysis
  • Palpation of the Cranium - External
  • Palpation of the Palate - Internal
  • Landmarks and Reciprocity with Cranial Bone Motion
  • Sphenobasilar Motion and Mechanics

Class 3 - Pediatric Spinal Adjusting

  • Structural and Meningeal/Low Force Adjusting Techniques
  • Neurological Indicators for Specific Adjusting Techniques
  • The Cervical Spine and Occiput, the Thoracic Spine, the Lumbar Spine, the Sacrum, and the Pelvis
  • Categorizing the Subluxation
  • Specific Analysis for Primary Pattern
  • Examination and Additional Adjusting Protocols for Age 2 and Older

Class 4 - External Cranial Corrections (Part 1)

  • Review of Cranial Bone and CSF Movement and Physiology
  • General Rules and Guidelines and Classifications for Cranial Corrections
  • Cranial Adjusting Techniques (Extra-Oral Corrections): Occipital Bone, Sphenoid Bone and Sphenobasilar, Temporal Bone, Frontal Bone Corrections, Maxilla and Zygoma, Skull Molding, CSF Directing and Balancing and Cranial Facial/Fruit Jar Sutural Techniques

Class 5 - External Cranial Corrections (Part 2)

  • C-Section, CSF Regulation, Eustachian Tube Draining
  • Hypo-Activity and Hyper-Activity Issues, Seizure Approaches - Sagittal Suture Release and Sinus Issues Including Intra and Extra Oral Approaches
  • Vagus Nerve Balancing, Ear Infections, Nursing/Sucking Issues, Headaches, Allergies, Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Balancing
  • TMJ Companion Techniques and More
  • Correlation of Cranial Procedures for Specific Clinical Application

Class 6 - Intra-Oral Specific Cranial Corrections (Part 1)

  • Intra-oral cranial adjusting is one of the most effective and powerful ways to correct cranial imbalances and affect changes in the dural meningeal system and movement of cerebrospinal (CSF).
  • Demonstration of Adjustments for the Occiput, Temporal, Front, Sphenomaxillary Suture, Sphenobasilar, and Palate on a Dry Skull
  • PowerPoint Slides and Demonstrations are included to make this a concise and invaluable learning tool.

Class 7 - Intra-Oral Specific Cranial Corrections (Part 2)

  • Intra-oral cranial adjusting is one of the most effective and powerful ways to correct cranial imbalances and affect changes in the dural meningeal system and movement of cerebrospinal (CSF).
  • Live Demonstrations of the Adjustments for the Occiput, Temporal, Frontal, Sphenomaxillary Suture, Sphenobasilar, and the Palate.
  • PowerPoint Slides and Demonstrations are included to make this a concise and invaluable learning tool.

Class 8 - Condition-Specific Treatment Protocols

  • Variety of Adjusting Protocols (spinal, cranial, and soft tissue) to allow the practitioner to efficiently, safely, and effectively address some of the most common issues found in the pediatric patient.
  • Acute and Chronic Pain Control Protocols
  • Dollar Sign Neutralization
  • Inferior Occipital Fiber Decompression
  • Sagittal Suture Spread
  • Pituitary Inhibition
  • TS Line Spinal and Visceral Synchronization

Class 9 - Clinical Correlations

  • Review the Findings from the Examination and Evaluation Procedures Taught in Previous Classes
  • Correlates the Findings in a Cohesive Manner (to allow the practitioner to determine the best course of care for their patient)
  • Includes Flow Charts and Graphs (to easily correlate your spinal and cranial evaluation findings to determine where, how, why, and when to make specific adjustments to your pediatric patient)
  • If you have studied with Dr. Rosen and taken any of his pediatric adjusting seminars, this class will help you to codify your learning experience and make it more clinically accessible and efficient.


You’re Going to Get Some Extras That Will Support You in Becoming a Chiropractic Pediatric Master

Bonus 1 - Class Workbooks and Complete Class Transcriptions 

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Bonus 3 - Live Q&As with Both Doctors

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10 Individual Classes 

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Bonus! Class Workbooks

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Bonus! Private Community

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Bonus! Live Q&As with Both Doctors

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Bonus! Get Featured on our Graduate Referral List

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Frequently Asked Questions


Lisa Geiger, D.C.

The SOT® Pediatric Certificate Series by the Drs. Rosen was amazing. I find myself using the information and techniques I learned every day at my clinic, to the benefit of my patients, their families, and my reputation.

I would recommend this class to anyone who works with children. If you were lucky enough to take Dr. Martin Rosen's class through the ICPA over the last fifteen years, this builds on that foundation and takes it to the next level. 

I am grateful to Dr. Martin and Dr. Erin for this series and for their professional expertise.

Gerry D. Mitchell, D.C.

I have to say I have no regrets. The program was well thought out, well organized, with an abundance of knowledge to absorb. Everyone was so inviting and personable I felt like part of a family. I highly recommend Dr Rosen's teachings to anyone that wants to see peds.

Are you ready to ...

  • elevate your chiropractic skills?
  • take the next step forward in your professional career?
  • serve your pediatric patients better?
  • create the practice and lifestyle you have always wanted?
  • become the expert that everyone seeks out?

Here's the truth ... there are no other programs like this out there. Our unique teaching style, personal support and years of clinical and teaching experience is
unparalleled in the chiropractic profession when it comes to an all-inclusive pediatric spinal and cranial evaluating and adjusting program.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this program is a must for you. Don’t hesitate to change your practice and your life. Enroll now, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.


Learn More About Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson

In 1982, with the birth of their first daughter, the doctors realized that they needed to improve upon their chiropractic training to incorporate the adjusting techniques to care for the pediatric population. They quickly learned to know what they did not know. The birth of their first child pushed them to seek the skills and knowledge that was necessary to express and apply their chiropractic health care beliefs while raising a child in medically biased world. So, they sought out mentors who could help give them the tools necessary to maintain the health of this most precious gift, a new life.

In 1986, with the birth of their second daughter, they had reached the point in their careers where they were able to fill the gap, they had experienced back in 1982. While raising two daughters, maintaining two chiropractic practices, a seminar management business, teaching for several chiropractic organizations and colleges, writing and/or contributing to the writing of numerous chiropractic books, journals and research articles and producing a myriad of educational material for the chiropractic profession, oh and staying married for 40+ years, they have risen to the forefront of pediatric chiropractic care, especially in the field of cranial adjusting.

Codified over these past 40+ years the Pediatric Master Class Certificate series, both the in-person hands on program and the online Master Class series, is a culmination of their personal and professional journey.

The techniques, scientific information, research data and practice application skills presented in these seminars have been honed through years of experience and are invaluable tools to create a successful family/pediatric chiropractic practice today.

We promise you that you will not be disappointed in Drs. Rosen and Watson Pediatric Master Class Certificate Series and we guarantee that what you take away from this seminar will enrich the quality and abundance in your practice and your life.

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