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Offering programs to the chiropractic profession to improve their technical excellence. We are looking to those dedicated chiropractors and chiropractic students who want to focus their mastery on delivering the chiropractic adjustment. While the triad for professional growth includes art, science, and philosophy, our programs are heavily weighted in the art and science of chiropractic.

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Chiropractic Cranial Immersion

This is the course you have been waiting for. We have heard your requests to learn specific
chiropractic cranial adjusting techniques to move your practices to the next level.
We have responded, with the most comprehensive chiropractic cranial adjusting course available

This 38-week course covers the A to Zs of cranial adjusting. It is not for the faint of heart or
those without prior cranial adjusting knowledge.
We cover everything from external cranial corrections, CSF balancing techniques and intra-oral cranial adjusting protocols.

This is the unique experience that you have been looking for to perfect your cranial adjusting
skills, serve more people more effectively and efficiently and be able to access the other 80% of
the CNS with a specific skillset not offered by all chiropractors.

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This 38-week, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive Cranial Immersion course will upgrade your skills, expand your
knowledge and awareness, and make you a better practitioner.
It will allow you to serve your patients better and at the same time, grow your practice with consistent referrals from patients and other health care practitioners.
You will receive 38 modules over a nearly-10 month period. 

In the First Class, You Will Learn ...


  • The rationale for pediatric chiropractic care and how to uplevel your understanding and communication in your practice.


  • The most pertinent anatomical and physicological factors in pediatric neurological growth and development.


  • The effect of subluxations on the developing nervous system (and long-term effects if they go uncorrected).

“I took this program to delve deeper and train more in the skull, because it really is as the book says, ‘it’s all in the head’.

I learned that as chiropractors we have the duty to evaluate the skull, especially of babies, to improve the children’s neurological development and health. How can we solve cases of asymmetry, plagiocephaly and brachycephaly?

It’s always impressive to see how enchanting and fascinating the universe of skull learning is, and how wonderful it is to transform lives.

I applied the cranial adjustments to a one-year-old child who did not smile, only laughed when tickled, had speech delays and was suspected of having autism. A week after the first adjustments, she started to speak her first words and smile normally at everything. The doctor removed the suspicion from the diagnosis. The parents cried with joy.

I recommend this and all of Martin’s courses to all my professional colleagues and students. Learning from Martin and Nancy is always amazing. I cannot measure the admiration I feel for this couple. Excellence in explaining, care with live classes and questions, always responding so quickly and attentively. I become more of a fan every day and I take all the courses they have. Every time I finish one, I thirst more for more. Thank you for everything. You are my inspiration!”


“I took this program because I was looking to clean up my cranial work and continue to make everything make more sense.

I loved being able to go deeper into every topic and process it over a long amount of time. Hearing Drs. Marty and Nancy talk more about how they apply each of the different pieces clinically was amazing – been using ventricular bulb a lot more!

I feel like I’m actually offering the high quality of care that I feel so passionate about. Ventricular bulb – patient with extreme seizures and brain fog since a TBI years ago – been seeing great results for years – she was having a rough day and applied that technique and literally watched the lights come on. Afterwards she was discussing how even after being with us for years this is the most clear she’s ever felt.

Yes I would recommend this program.  If every pediatric chiropractor applied this work our profession would look different.”


“I have taken the pediatric Certification program before but felt it was too overwhelming and difficult to comprehend and memorize all. With this course I have been able to absorb, understand and memorize the procedure better.

 The course gives a good overview of the principles of the origin of the problem, the key to find the main lesion and the procedure of adjusting. It has helped me to get more security in my adjusting and awakened an interest to deepen my knowledge.

 I would recommend this course as an introduction to cranial therapy. The course is not overwhelming and a good start in learning cranial technique.

 I really enjoyed the doctor sharing classes as they were a good review of the lessons.”


Drs. Rosen and Watson met in 1978 in Chiropractic school and spent the rest of their lives dedicated to each other, their family and their profession.

As early as first quarter in chiropractic school they were attracted to each other’s commitment to chiropractic and the pursuit of excellence.  Their combined 80 years of personal and clinical and teaching experience, in delivering the chiropractic adjustment is unparalleled in the chiropractic profession.  Their international outreach through teaching, writing and lecturing has been a driving force in their personal and professional careers since their first seminar taught together as students, in 1979.
Their years of experience have taught them what works and what does not work to create a successful practice and lifestyle. The more competent and comprehensive your expertise you will find that more patients will seek your services and your practice will grow exponentially.

Mentoring to Mastery

The techniques we teach sell themselves through their results!

The best way to grow and improve your practice while at the same time empowering your patients is to deliver what you promise ... and a little bit more.

How would you like the key to a lifetime care, family centered practice?

  • Are you stuck doing the same thing on your patients, reaching constant plateaus and getting limited or marginal clinical results?
  • Have you ever felt like there was more you could offer, but were unsure what it is?
  • Would you like to add a whole new set of skills that will not only help your patients more but at the same time grow your confidence and practice?
  • Do you want the tools and communication skills necessary to communicate to your patient’s the true value of chiropractic cranial adjusting?
  • Would you like to be able to access the other 80% of the CNS though chiropractic cranial adjusting?
  • Create a successful practice and be sought after by patient’s and colleagues as the go-to chiropractor?
  • Or do you have a practice that brings you satisfaction but want to continue to grow both professionally and personally?
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Imagine how your life will change once you have acquired the skills, confidence, knowledge and ability to communicate your expertise to both your patients and prospective patients with ease and consistency.

“This program is comprehensive, well-structured and mostly well explained. It’s certainly helped create a more cranial practice, helping conditions I have felt less sure of in the past. Personally, given me a specialty, more confidence with certain conditions.

 I had a patient with a dysfunctional eustachian tube where it was constantly closed, affecting her hearing, also with severe right lateral head pain, jaw pain and tension that resolved fairly quickly with cranial work.

 I would recommend this program because of the a-z comprehensiveness.”


“I took this course to perfect my SOT skills and develop confidence in using the techniques.

There are greatly detailed step by step instructions, summaries, and checkpoints incorporated and it’s given me more tools to use to subtlety perfect the care I provide.

I would recommend this course especially for those who prefer working with their hands but wish to incorporate more tonal adjusting into their practices.”


As a principled chiropractor your work, your family, your social circles and your lifestyle choices are profoundly intertwined. Being able to fulfill your life’s visions, dreams, expectations, desires, hopes, needs and wants cannot be separated from how you walk through your life.
We want you to be able to produce and provide the highest level of service for your family, patients and community as you endeavor to reach your greatest potential as a chiropractor. Once this is attained, you will reap the rewards from serving with skill, confidence and integrity.
To uplift our profession, to improve the delivery of the art of chiropractic, to improve the human condition and help you attain your goals are the reasons we have done what we do for over 40 years and why we continue to offer our programs to the profession.

Peak Potential Institute is Introducing ...

Chiropractic Cranial Immersion 

For chiropractors who want to elevate their skills

Perfect for chiropractors with prior cranial knowledge
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How would you like to be at the forefront of chiropractic care?

Rise to Expert Status

Educate Patients Consistently

Attain a Unique Skill Set

Grow Your Practice Effortlessly

You will learn comprehensive cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols that will allow you to confidently, safely, and effectively work with any segment of the population.

Avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent messaging and care protocols, strengthen and simplify your adjusting and case management procedures and transform your practice to the one you have been dreaming about.

“I took this course hoping to gain a better understanding of not only how but when to adjust cranial bones.

Three takeaways are:  It is important to look at the stress of the whole dural system. The sphenoid is a very important bone for the body. You’re influencing the cranial vault, not just moving bones.

This program has changed how I view the connectedness of the body’s systems, as well as my evaluations of cases that are not progressing.

I had a child who was experiencing motor control issues as well emotional issues, and after a couple of sessions where I finished working with his sphenobasilar joint, it was night and day difference.

I would recommend this program. This was a great in-depth course that was challenging and offered way more value than initially expected. I think that everyone would benefit from taking this course due to not only the high quality information that is presented, but also because of how much Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson care about you learning and retaining it.

I greatly enjoyed this program, thank you both so much!”


“I took this course to take my understanding of the cranium to another level. I want to be able to provide the best experience for the patients that I treat and realize that a better understanding of the cranium: how to evaluate, how it correlates with the spine, how to correct subluxations, is important to my overall service to my patients.

Making this cranial course a slow-drip process helps to combat the feeling of being overwhelmed with the amount of material.

This program has given me more tools and understanding into how to treat my family and to better understand my own health.

I have a child with plagiocephaly. While the plagiocephaly is not completely gone, his parents are delighted with the results and the child, who was bound to be helmeted, was able to avoid the procedure.

I would most definitely recommend this program. This has been the best source of information for understanding the cranium, cranial movement, and correction of cranial subluxations that I have been able to find. Chiropractic colleges give a new doctor a good foundation in anatomy and spinal care. However, not all problems are solved with a spinal adjustment. The cranium is an essential piece that should be added to a chiropractor’s arsenal to truly be able to the whole body.

I enjoyed the course. I thought that the presentation and material were great.”


“I decided to take the course because I have been doing the basic cranial moves since learning Applied Kinesiology and SOT and after reading the course topics I felt more detail would very much enhance my work.

This program:

  1. It is very comprehensive and very worthwhile giving so much more information than we got in chiropractic school.
  2. The methods of presenting the material were varied with transcripts and scheduled question and answer time with the instructors making it easy to learn the material.
  3. I would encourage every chiropractic student and doc to take this course because you can use it on both adult and pediatric patients.

I feel much more confident when dealing with the many symptoms that are presented in my day to day practice. I am 73 and in this late stage in my work I only wish I had done this sooner.

I recently had a 70-year-old woman present with what she called ‘head bobbing’ that had been an issue for years. This head movement was continuous in every postural position. I assessed her neurologically and proceeded to adjust her finishing off with the cranial adjustments I have learned in this course and at the end of the treatment when she got out to the front desk to check out and her ‘head bobbing’ was no longer an issue. She commented that her neck pain and stiffness was also gone.

This course should be offered while we are in school because the depth and specificity is essential in refining our protocols.”


Take a look at what we'll cover ...

Class 1 - Anatomy of the Cranium

Class 2 - Sutural Palpation Exercise

Class 3 - Key Continuities and CSF

Class 4 - Ventricles and CSF

Class 5 - Cranial Bone Motion

Class 6 - CSF Palpation Exercise

Class 7 - Basic Adjusting Guidelines

Class 8 - CSF Techniques

Class 9 - CSF Techniques Continued

Class 10 - Parasympathetic Balancing Techniques

Class 11 - Sphenobasilar Evaluation and Correction

Class 12 - Fruit Jar Techniques

Class 13 - Symptom Specific Techniques

Class 14 - Symptom Specific Techniques Continued

Class 15 - CSF Closing and Directing Techniques

Class 16 - Cranial Examination

Class 17 - Correlation of Clinical Findings

Class 18 - Live Demonstrations Part 1

Class 19 - Live Demonstrations Part 2

Class 20 - Live Demonstrations Part 3

Class 21 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Cranium Part 1

Class 22 - Anatomy and Physiology of the Cranium Part 2

Class 23 - Cranial Mechanics

Class 24 - Visual Analysis

Class 25 - Cranial Adjusting Guidelines

Class 26 - Intra Oral Contacts Correction of Occipital Extension and Flexion

Class 27 - Temporal Bone Internal and External Corrections

Class 28 - Frontal Bone Internal and External Corrections

Class 29 - Maxillary Palatine Sphenoid Corrections

Class 30 - Sphenoid Corrections

Class 31 - Occipital Correction Demonstration

Class 32 - Temporal Bone Correction Demonstration

Class 33 - Frontal Bone Correction Demonstration

Class 34 - Sphenobasilar and Spheno Maxillary Suture Correction Demonstration

Class 35 - Palate Corrections and Sagittal Suture Release

Class 36 - The Palate

Class 37 - Guidelines for Cranial Adjusting

Class 38 - Primitive Reflexes - Combined Neurological Process


38 Individual Classes 

(Value $3555)


Bonus! Class Workbooks

(Value $450)

Bonus! Private Community

(Value $990)

Bonus! Live Q&As with Both Doctors

(Value $2000)

Total Value = ($6995)

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Frequently Asked Questions

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“I took it to learn more about cranial adjusting, specifically to help with pediatric patients. I have learned so much and it was great taking things away from each module and implementing them right away in practice and seeing the results not only in kids but with adults as well.

 My three takeaways:

  1. You get a great in-depth knowledge for evaluating and implementing the cranium.
  2. These are things you can take away and start analyzing patients right away to then know how to help them more.
  3. They are presented in a way that is not overwhelming and you can learn a little bit at a time.

 I have been able to use the techniques I learned along the way and feel more confident with my cranial adjusting and ability to help others.

 I used the techniques from this course to help a baby with plagiocephaly. Through adjusting and the cranial techniques both his mom and I noticed a huge improvement in his skull starting to round out

I would recommend this program Because of the vast knowledge and understanding you gain about cranial adjusting.

 I enjoyed learning it module by module so that there wasn’t so much information all in one weekend to try and go home and remember it all. This way I was able to get comfortable with things and slowly add more to it. I would recommend it to others to gain more confidence in cranial adjusting and add to their overall skills.

 It was a great course and I look forward to taking other courses from you!”


“I decided to take this course so that i could accurately assess and adjust the cranium.

My three takeaways:

1) how to examine the cranium

2) what to feel for and how to train yourself to feel it

3) a multitude of ways to adjust the cranium.

I’ve used the fruit jar technique on a few babies, and it’s been incredible for releasing some of their tension patterns.

I would recommend this program because you will have a much greater understanding of how to be specific with cranial issues. This is by far the most thorough course I’ve seen on cranial adjusting. I have so many more tools in my belt now.

Thank you for an awesome and very thorough program!”


“Chiropractic Cranial Adjusting has truly been a game changer in my office and has improved my abilities to care for my patients with a unique set of skills that I intend to continue to improve upon. This course allowed me to dive deep into every facet of Cranial Adjusting one piece at a time, improving my understanding of the material.

This is the most comprehensive course on Cranial Adjusting that I have encountered, the availability of Drs. Rosen and Watson to answer any questions from all the Doctors was greatly appreciated, and the Doctor share Q&As were a wonderful adjunct to the course material that tied the concepts taught together wonderfully!

 This program has added depth to my understanding of Chiropractic Cranial Adjusting and the ability to effectively apply it within my office.

 Temporal movement and corrections are simply one. This week, a young man fell backwards striking the back of his head on an end table. Shortly afterwards, the boy developed tics and spasms globally throughout his body. MDs cleared him from any type of injury that they would recognize. Along with addressing the sagittal suture and sphenobasilar, he showed a bilat ext. temporal subluxation and upon releasing these and balancing the CSF, that night the tics and spasms resolved.

 There is so much information being released at this time on the subject of cranial work, yet much of it is littered with inaccuracies and outright wrong information. Having a course on the subject that is accurate and supported by decades of clinical experience is invaluable to this subject matter and Chiropractic as a whole.

 This course was a wonderful addition to my studies of Chiropractic Cranial Adjusting, being able to dissect the information one step at a time at this pace allowed me to truly grasp more on the understanding and application of this information and techniques.

 Thank you so much for the effort in this and all of your programs! I appreciate it!”


Are you ready to ...

  • elevate your chiropractic skills?
  • take the next step forward in your professional career?
  • serve your patients better?
  • create the practice and lifestyle you have always wanted?
  • become the expert that everyone seeks out?

Here's the truth ... there are no other programs like this out there. Our unique teaching style, personal support and years of clinical and teaching experience is
unparalleled in the chiropractic profession when it comes to an all-inclusive cranial evaluating and adjusting program.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this program is a must for you. Don’t hesitate to change your practice and your life. Enroll now, we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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Learn More About Dr. Rosen and Dr. Watson

In 1982, with the birth of their first daughter, the doctors realized that they needed to improve upon their chiropractic training to incorporate the adjusting techniques to care for the pediatric population. They quickly learned to know what they did not know. The birth of their first child pushed them to seek the skills and knowledge that was necessary to express and apply their chiropractic health care beliefs while raising a child in medically biased world. So, they sought out mentors who could help give them the tools necessary to maintain the health of this most precious gift, a new life.

In 1986, with the birth of their second daughter, they had reached the point in their careers where they were able to fill the gap, they had experienced back in 1982. While raising two daughters, maintaining two chiropractic practices, a seminar management business, teaching for several chiropractic organizations and colleges, writing and/or contributing to the writing of numerous chiropractic books, journals and research articles and producing a myriad of educational material for the chiropractic profession, oh and staying married for 40+ years, they have risen to the forefront of pediatric chiropractic care, especially in the field of cranial adjusting.

Codified over these past 40+ years the Pediatric Master Class Certificate series, both the in-person hands on program and the online Master Class series, is a culmination of their personal and professional journey.

The techniques, scientific information, research data and practice application skills presented in these seminars have been honed through years of experience and are invaluable tools to create a successful family/pediatric chiropractic practice today.

We promise you that you will not be disappointed in Drs. Rosen and Watson Pediatric Master Class Certificate Series and we guarantee that what you take away from this seminar will enrich the quality and abundance in your practice and your life.

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