Chiropractic Cranial Immersion

Do you want to be the go to chiropractor in your area?  Do you want to up your skills, help those that others could not and produce what you promise.  The CCA course is the most comprehensive adult  online cranial adjusting program ever offered to the chiropractic profession (applicable for the pediatric population as well).  

Join us now and add a new dimension to your clinical skills.

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Chiropractic Cranial Immersion

Brought to you by the Peak Potential Institute


Never before offered!

We have spent the last year preparing this 8-month comprehensive premier online chiropractic
cranial adjusting program especially for you. This is the most comprehensive online cranial
adjusting program in chiropractic.

Here is an opportunity to earn the art of cranial adjusting from a true master. With over 40
years of clinical, research and teaching experience, Dr. Rosen will take you through the amazing
world of chiropractic cranial adjusting.

This program will up your cranial adjusting skills to a new level. Whether you are a beginner,
intermediate or expert in the field of cranial adjusting or have taken other cranial adjusting
courses this never-before offered, extensive course, will upgrade your skills, expand your
knowledge and awareness, and make you a better practitioner. It will allow you to serve your
patients better and at the same time, grow your practice with consistent referrals from patients
and other health care practitioners.

Learn to access the other 80% of the central nervous system, with Dr. Rosen’s unique approach
to chiropractic cranial adjusting. No piecemeal approach, no short cuts, no frills just clinically
applicable anatomy, physiology, and cranial techniques taught in a concise, congruent and user-
friendly program.

Up your game, be the best and most sought-after chiropractor in your area, get results when
others could not, and enjoy practicing like you never have before.

Our Chiropractic Cranial Immersion program is not available yet.

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