SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program

In-Person Seminar Series


Boston, MA 



April 6-7

May 18-19

August 10-11

SPP 1: Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Spine

SPP 2: Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Cranium

SPP 3: Mastering Common Challenges in the Pediatric Practice


SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program

In-Person Seminar Series


Boston, MA 



April 6-7

SPP 1: Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Spine


May 18-19

SPP 2: Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Cranium


August 10-11

SPP 3: Mastering Common Challenges in the Pediatric Practice


Anthony Pellegrino DC, CACCP

Taking Dr. Rosen's Pediatric SOT series is one of the better decisions I have ever made for my practice. I first met Dr. Rosen while in school when I first took his ICPA seminar. The integration and depth of information were unlike anything I had experienced in any seminar. His certification series took that experience to a new level. I feel more confident and certain than ever before in delivering the highest quality of chiropractic care to children, especially infants, in my practice. That certainty has translated into more commitment for children and entire families in my practice than ever before.

Are you ready to take your practice to the next level, improve your pediatric evaluation and adjusting skills and help more children get better faster?


This series is one of the most comprehensive, in-depth pediatric programs being offered in the chiropractic profession.

You will be taught a thorough pediatric examination with neurological indicators and complete spinal and cranial analysis and adjustment protocols for you to achieve what few pediatric chiropractors have been able to achieve in both their practice goals and patient outcomes.

Registration is now open for those who are ready to commit to the entire series (all three seminars).


In this 3 16-hour, one-of-a-kind, comprehensive SOT® Certificate Pediatric Practitioner course you will learn to competently, confidently, efficiently, and safely work with the pediatric population.

You will attain the expertise to handle difficult and challenging cases that others cannot, create a lifetime-centered chiropractic care paradigm, and communicate the true value of the chiropractic adjustment and its importance to the proper growth and development of the infant, toddler, and child.

We want you to be able to provide the highest level of service for your family, patients and community as you endeavor to reach your greatest potential as a chiropractor. Once this is attained, you will reap the rewards from serving with skill, confidence, and integrity.

In this certificate course you will learn comprehensive pediatric spinal and cranial evaluation and adjusting protocols that will allow you to confidently, safely, and effectively work with any segment of the pediatric population.

Avoid the pitfalls of inconsistent messaging and care protocols, strengthen and simplify your adjusting and case management procedures and transform your practice to the one you have been dreaming about.

Courtney Neill, DC, CACCP

If you have the desire to work with pediatrics in your chiropractic practice, taking this series is an absolute must! Dr. Rosen is an excellent teacher, in both lecturing and delivering an amazing hands-on educational experience. The series content is broken up in just the right amount of information so that you can absorb, practice, and implement what you learned very easily that next day in your office. Since having taken this course, my pediatric practice has boomed with referrals due to the success stories I have achieved from utilizing the techniques taught. I can't recommend this series enough - you will not be disappointed!


Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Spine

This course will help you increase your certainty in the art of pediatric spinal adjusting as well as give you the knowledge and confidence to educate your patients on the value of pediatric chiropractic care.

Up your game, hone your skills and become the go-to pediatric chiropractor in your area.

The course contains both educational and clinically applicable content including:

  • Identifying the primary development stage of brain growth
  • Determine which areas of the brain have the highest rate of development in the first 2 years
  • Understand the importance of removing or limiting interference to the developing
    nervous through chiropractic care
  • Understand the role environment plays on the developing brain
  • Understand the global effect of the subluxation on childhood development

The clinical aspects of the course cover:

  • Comprehensive examination protocols to determine the primary subluxation
  • Learn to evaluate an infant’s spine to determine whether there is a primary
    structural or meningeal subluxation pattern present.
  • Learn how to address this subluxation most effectively and efficiently.
  • Adjusting Protocols and Sequencing
  • Learn specific adjusting protocols for the entire spine for both meningeal and structural subluxations
  • Be able to develop an efficient and effective pattern of adjusting protocols that have the greatest impact with the least input
  • Determine when, where and how to make the first adjustment as well as which type of adjusting procedure is the most effective for the specific subluxation findings
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Evaluation and Adjusting Protocols for the Pediatric Cranium

How would you like to add a new dimension to your practice that will increase your referrals, patient retention and practice income?

What if you could offer patients a unique skill set that few in the profession have mastered?

Adding cranial adjusting to your current practice paradigm will do all these things plus make practicing even more fun.

In this 16-hour hands-on seminar, you will learn the skills to confidently evaluate an infant’s cranium, including neurological, structural, and functional parameters, and how to make specific corrections to any aberrant patterns, effectively, efficiently, and safely.

Included in this seminar are external and internal (intra-oral) corrective protocols to help:

  • Improve cerebrospinal fluid mechanics with specific CSF balancing and movement adjustments
  • Reduce, or remove abnormal dural tension in the cranium
  • Restore sphenobasilar motion and correct distortion patterns.
  • Correct specific cranial bone imbalances.
  • Correcting palate imbalances
  • Before and after tie revisions or as a preventative protocol to reduce the need for these procedures
  • Symptom specific techniques to use in your daily practice

Each technique is taught in a lecture, demonstration, and hands-on format so that you can acquire the skill and touch necessary to bring this work back into your practice on Monday morning. If you want to help more children, be more efficient and confident in your adjusting procedures and add a new dimension to your practice this seminar is for you.

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Mastering Common Challenges in the Pediatric Practice

At times in practice, we reach plateaus in our patient care procedures.

How would you like the skills and knowledge to move your patient’s healing to the next level?

In the pediatric practice we see a variety of challenges that may need a more integrated approach.

Issues such as:

  • Vagus nerve involvement
  • Tongue-tie
  • Plagiocephaly
  • Pediatric TMJ issues
  • Ear infections
  • Abnormal palate development
  • Nursing problems
  • Digestive issues and Allergies
  • and more

In this seminar you will learn the most common subluxation, structural, neurological and soft tissue patterns commonly found with many of the issues we come across in our pediatric practices. Specific adjusting protocols and ancillary procedures are discussed, outlined, demonstrated and workshopped in this 16-hour hands-on seminar.

If you want to be able to work with and help some of the most challenging pediatric cases and become the go-to chiropractor in your community this seminar will be an invaluable tool to move you in that direction.

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SOT® Pediatric Certificate Program

3-Seminar Series


Boston, MA


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Jennifer Katzer, D.C.

As a chiropractor who loves specializing in pregnancy and pediatrics I knew that this would be a good fit for a continuing education class. What I didn't realize was the amount of information I would take away that would impact my entire practice.

Since taking these classes I have seen craniums balance, sleep and function improve greatly from all of our kids. We had parents who were considering neuro exams with doctors realize that it was no longer necessary after seeing the progress their kids were making and understanding the neurological exams I was performing.

I have also seen huge improvements in our adult population with sinuses, decreasing of blood pressure, patients who haven't slept through the night for years now sleeping through the night.

Marty & Nancy are an amazing team and create an ideal environment for learning. Every weekend I walked away with pertinent knowledge to integrate into specific chiropractic patient care that continuously improves outcomes.

If you're on the fence about committing to the seminar...commit! Our patients have been so amazed with my take aways and keep bringing in more family members for care.

I made the trip from Iowa 3 times and can’t wait to come back for more classes.

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